Fordyce spots are not dangerous, but you need to be alert

Fordyce spots are small, yellowish-white spots that are usually found on the edges of the lips, or the inside of the cheeks. These spots also often cause concern, because they can appear on the penis or scrotum in men, and on the vaginal lips in women. Although rare, these types of spots are also found in the esophagus, cervix, and soles of the feet. Actually Fordyce spots is a normal, harmless and painless condition. Based on research, about 8 out of 10 adults have experienced or still have Fordyce spots on their bodies. In general, these small lumps will disappear by themselves over time. Where Did Fordyce Spots Come from? Fordyce spots are enlarged oil (sebaceous) glands. Uniquely, the sebaceous glands are usually around the hairy skin, while Fordyce spots grow in the area of ​​the hairless skin. Usually these spots are about 1-3 millimeters in size. Fordyce spots actually existed long before the existence of these spots was realized, namely from birth. Usually the size of Fo
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